PdaNet 1.4.0 PATCH FOR iPhone

First of all do you know what PdaNet is? Well basically if Google brought you here, you do, cause this is what you’ve been searching for. But please be patient and let me do a short description for all the people that have no idea:

PdaNet got popular with Windows Mobile and PalmOS. And now its here for your iPhone. What does it do? Well it allows your laptop or desktop to go online (wireless) by connection it to the iPhone via Wi-Fi.

So , if you browse through cydia, you will find PdaNet ( attention : there are 2 versions ). But they are not free. So in order for you to patch it, and break free from all of the restriction that you get with the free version , you got to do this :

  • Download Patch here
  • Install PdaNet 1.4.0 from Cydia ( MAKE SURE ITS 1.4.0 )
  • SSH into iPhone
  • Navigate too /var/stash/Applications.XYZWAHF/PdaNet.app/ ( XYZWAHF means that you will need to find the wierd named folder where PdaNet.app is )
  • Overwrite the PdaNet folder with the one from the link.
  • Set the permissions to 0755
  • Reboot iPhone/iPod for patch to take effect