Your PC Will NEVER Be Able To Do This…

Mac vs PC war was here, is here and will always be here. The fact is that your PC , no matter how badass it is, cant pull this stunt. My guess is that you will be amazed and you will wanna switch immediately

I know that this has nothing to do with the iPhone, iTouch, Cydia, AppStore, Jailbreaking and so on, but it’s too badass not to show you guys this video. And, it’s still Apple so…

I will not start to talk about the Mac vs PC war, because it’s so stupid. I love the Mac, i work on a Mac, but i also work on a PC. Mac has its own place, PC it’s own place.

But im guessing there will be some intrigued and actually mad PC fanboy in here, even if they own an iPhone or iTouch and they love it. So basically this french dude is working on his MacBook when suddenly it begins to transform into a spaceship then flies away.

Im guessing the MacBook figured out that his owner is pretty dumb ( NOT saying french peeps are dumb, i love you guys ; it’s a joke ) , and decided to fly away…


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