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Does The “S” in iPhone 3Gs Stands For “Subacvatic” ?

I think we all know that the “S” in the new iPhone 3Gs stands for speed, and we also did a close look at why the “S” stands for more than speed . Now it seems to be standing for subacvatic as well…

There is a video on YouTube of a gentleman, that is really excited about his new 3Gs and his recording his family/friends at the pool side, when the phone is diving in the pool ( still recording ). He takes it out of the water, and the phone is still recording.

There is no indication of this video being fake ( tho when the phone is out of the water, the cam is crystal clear, no fog , water dripping etc ), and we dont know if the iPhone was protected in some way either.

I guess you seen a lot of videos on YouTube of iPhone being held against water jets, or dived in a small bowl, but now you got a chance to see the new iPhone taking a swim. I would like to see this video made intentionally ….