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Pakage: Just Another Cydia Clone

Pakage is another installer app for 3rd party software for jailbroken devices. In the same line that Icy and Rock you phone are. But, if imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Pakage and Cydia are BFF’s and Pakage just bought Cydia flowers.

It is still in beta, and there is a big warning right on the splash page of the app. The main difference between this and Cydia, is that this comes with most of all the “questionable” repos already installed, along with just about every other source available in Cydia. The layout is familiar looking, but not a total copy of the other installers. Slick little animation when installing…if you could actually get it to install the app.

I’m not really sure whether we need another installer, especially one that so closely resembles one that we already have. But competition is good for the consumer. Hopefully they will get a few of the bugs worked out. And this may be a viable alternative to Cydia and Rock. Only time will tell.

You can get the Pakage app by instaling the following source in Cydia: If you don’t know how, open Cydia, in the bottom row, tap manage, then halfway up to sources, then on the right, tap edit, then to the left tap add. Then type in the repo address. Let us know how it works for you in the comments.