CrazyDashboard: Real Mac Dashboard On Your iPhone

New day new app in Cydia: CrazyDashboard. CrazyDashboard is available for free through the BigBoss repository. Every element of CrazyDashboard is HTML based and it is very similar to the original dashboard on Mac OSX.

When you load the app for the first time it will ask you to set an wallpaper and it will automatically take you to your photolibrary. After you’ve set the wallpaper of your choice, you will see a minimal dashboard page that will feature only the notes and the clock.You can tap on the “+” sign to add more widgets to your screen, but it will get too crowded. One thing i like about this app , is that it mimics the original OSX dashboard almost perfectly . When you will add a new widget you will get the water wave effect and when you remove a widget, you will get the genie effect that you get when you minimize an app on OSX.

You will face some problems when you try to move widgets across the screen, and also the clock doesn’t seem to work. As you can see in the screenshot below it is 8:20 PM and the clock on CrazyDashboard says it is 11:15 AM. I think you will have to edit some files in order to get it to work, but then what’s the point of being able to choose your location and time zone within the app?

Everything is quite raw, and doesn’t work 100% but it works. Im assuming this is the beta version of the app. It would be nice that future updates will bring new features like multiple pages, and would be killer if this will be transformed into a Cydget.