Hidden Bar: A Free and Open Source Alternative to Bartender App for Mac

A few years ago, we wrote about Dozer, a free and open-source alternative toBartender for macOS. Fantastic little app; however, it doesn’t seem to be under active development anymore.

Enter Hidden Bar. An ultra-light, free, and open-source macOS utility that helps hide menu bar icons.


You can download and install Hidden Bar from the App Store. Alternatively, you can install Hidden Bar via Homebrew with brew install --cask hiddenbar


When you first open the app, there’s not much fluff in the UI. You can enable or disable settings and set a global shortcut.

I’d suggest that you disable “Show preferences on launch” so the screen below won’t pop up every time you restart your Mac.

The preferences window even shows you how to hide your menu bar icons using the app.

Everything that’s on the left of the vertical line will be hidden. To move icons in your menu bar, hold cmd, click on an icon and drag it.

To access the preferences window, click on the app’s icon in the menu bar and then click on the vertical bar.

That’s pretty much it. No fluff, no fuss, and it does its job. Hidden Bar is available on Github.