WatchIt: A Decentralized Movie Streaming Platform

WatchIt is a free and open source app and a decentralized alternative to services such as Netflix.

WatchIt is a decentralized movie playback system. It is based on IPFS and OrbitDB and allows you to stream movies from the network you connect to.

It can be synchronized through different movie channels opening the possibility to many libraries with different content across the network. WatchIt comes with a simple and clean UI allows you to filter, search, play movies.

Let’s take a quick look at how to use WatchIt.

First of all you need a public key to access a network. The only one that I’m aware of right now is the one that the devs are offering. The public domain movie key, that only provide access to public domain movies. However, anybody can create their own network. Information can be found on GitHub ( link below ).

You can either download and install the app or use the web app. Either way you’re deciding to go, just copy-paste the key and click Connect.

Once connected, you’ll be presented with the library of movies and you search for a title, sort the library by year, recently added, rating etc. and/or you can choose the movie genre.

When you find a movie that you’d like to watch, just click on the movie cover and you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can see a few details about the movie, watch the trailer or play the movie.

When you click on the Trailer button, a pop-up window will show up that will play the trailer. The trailer video comes from YouTube. However, due to the settings of the upload, some trailers are not allowed to be played outside of YouTube.

If you want to watch the movie just click on Play wait for the app to connect you to the seeds and enjoy.


WatchIt is available for Linux, macOS and Windows and can be downloaded from GitHub.

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