Solaar: A Linux Device Manager for Logitech Peripherals

Solaar is a Linux manager for many Logitech keyboards, mice, and trackpads that connect wirelessly to a USB Unifying, Bolt, Lightspeed, or Nano receiver, connect directly via a USB cable or connect via Bluetooth.

You can use Solaar as a GUI application or via its command-line interface. It allows you to list the connected devices and show information about each device, pair and unpair compatible Logitech peripherals, and control some changeable features of devices, such as scroll wheel direction and function key behavior.


Up-to-date prebuilt packages are available for some Linux distros in their standard repositories.

If a recent Solaar version is unavailable from the standard repositories for your distribution, you can try one of these packages.


Solaar only supports Logitech receivers and devices that use the Logitech proprietary HID++ protocol. You can check out this page to learn more about Solaar’s support of Logitech peripherals.

You can check out this page to learn how to use Solaar. You can check out Solaar’s project page on GitHub for known issues and troubleshooting.