OnLive: Video Demo Of UI, Crysis Wars and iPhone app

OnLive is the world’s highest performance Games On Demand service, instantly delivering the latest high-end titles over home broadband Internet to the TV and entry-level PCs and Macintosh computers.OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman recently showed off the game-streaming technology’s applications to a group of students at Columbia University in New York.

In the presentation, Steve Perlman talks about how game streaming works, the OnLive user interface , an inevitable Crysis Wars demo, Brag Clips , and of course the iPhone app . The video below is the full presentation, and it is extremely long. So feel free  to jump to the 12-minute mark to check out the OnLive user interface, and the 17-minute mark to see the iPhone’s social networking functionality.

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via gamertagradio