PreBrowser: Full Screen Tabbed Browser For iPhone and iPod Touch

New day, new app in Cydia: PreBrowser. PreBrowser is a web browser , and its similar to the one on Palm Pre. I didn’t play too much with it, but you know what they say… first impressions are everything, and it seems that PreBrowser can easily replace MobileSafari as my default web browser on the iPhone.

The UI is very minimalistic , and it offers you exactly what you need. No whistles and bells. You will only have the “Menu” button on the screen , all the time, and there is where you’ll find everything you need. The only eye-candy that you’ll get is on the “view tabs” screen. What is really cool about PreBrowse , is that is really fast. Faster than MobileSafari, and that’s something that makes me thing twice about MobileSafari. I really suggest you take a look at this web browser. You can find PreBrowser in Cydia Store for $1.99.