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Odio: A Free Radio Player for macOS, Linux and Windows

Here’s a quick post about Odio. Just in case you’re looking for an app that plays worldwide radio stations. The app is free but not open source, and it’s available for macOS, Linux and Windows.

Odio has a clean interface, support for over 20,000 radio stations worldwide. It doese not feature ads and there’s no in app purchases. However, it lacks a few features like you’re not able to add a stream or cheack out the RDS for stations that support it. On Linux that app doesn’t come with MPRIS2 support either.

Basically Odio is a simple and clean app that does one thing and it does it well. Search for a station either by name, tag, country or language and play it. However that’s all about to change because, according to the developer, Odio v2.0 is being developed right now from the ground up and it will feature a bunch of new features.

You can download Odio for macOS, Linux and Windows here.

Mac users can also install Odio via Homebrew with brew cask install odio.

For Linux odio is available as a snap, so if you’re running a distro that comes with support for snaps you can install Odio with sudo snap install odio. Odio is also available as an .AppImage here. And if you’re running Arch/Manjaro, odio is available in AUR.