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Ulauncher is a free and open source application launcher for Linux. It features fuzzy search, custom color themes, support for extensions and it allows you to browse your system.

Jump over the break to check out a quick overview on how to install and use Ulauncher…

Download and Install

Download links are available on the official website. Arch/Manjaro users can install Ulauncher via AUR.


Using Ulauncher

Once installed, to trigger Ulauncher the default hot key is Ctrl+Space. However that can be changed in the preferences, alongside some other options like choosing to open Ulauncher at Login, changing the theme and blacklist app directories.


Ulauncher also comes with a few default shortcuts. You can easily add your own.


Probably, the best part of Ulauncher is its support for extension. See the list of available extensions here. When you find an extantion you’d like to use, copy the link and import it into Ulauncher.

NOTE: some extensions have dependencies. They will be noted on the extention page. If not, Ulauncher will prompt you to install the required dependencies in order for your desired extention to work.



If you want to create your own themes and extensions check out the Ulauncher docs.