Simplify Media – Entire Home Music Library on Your iPhone/Touch

I know that all iPhone users were expecting this years edition of MacWorld. But the thing is that it was a bit of a disappointment for this section of Apple’s market. And im not talking here about that they didnt announce an iPhone nano or a new FW for the iPhone. Most of the iPhone users, or potentional new customers were expecting a new 32 GB iPhone. Why? I never fully comprehend this need. I just cant enjoy a movie on a screen this small and i certainly cant read an ebook so im just fine on a 8 GB.

But, what about music? This is one aspect that i never thought about. And today i realized that i want to take all my music that i have on my computer and put it on my iPhone. But the thing is that currently i got 95.5 GB of mp3 files on my computer…. how the fuck should i store all that music on a 8 GB iphone? Well i did a lil bit of digging , and i discovered something AMAZING! Check it out….

Download Simplify Media from the App Store in iTunes or on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Simplify Media is listed in the Music category.

Once it is installed, click the new icon to launch Simplify Media.

Sign in with your Simplify Media screen name and password.

If you don’t already have a Simplify Media screen name, create one using Simplify Media on your PC, Mac or Linux computer. It’s free.

Running Simplify Media on your desktop lets you access all of your music from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Download Simplify Media for PC or Mac

Download Simplify Media for Linux

Pick a remote computer to get started.

When you sign in, Simplify Media builds a list of the available computers you are connected to. It will take a few minutes for all of the music to appear, but you can start browsing and playing right away.

Pick a playlist or category.

Simplify Media shows you all of the available playlists on that computer.

You can also browse by album, artist, genre and song. This is the All Artist view.

Pick a song to start playback. Buttons at the top let you toggle between song information, artist bio and lyrics (cover art coming soon).

Tip: Simplify Media works best over WiFi and 3G connections. If you change between WiFi and cell networks you will have to restart the application.

For more info on Simplify Media , you can check the FAQ section

Buy this app from the appstore for $3.99 here