Mophie Offers 25% Off And Free Shipping For The Juice Pack Air Battery Case For The iPhone 4

Mophie has a huge sale going on these days, offering up to 60% off and free shipping with every product they have to offer. We know that most of you are interested in the juice pack air battery case for the iPhone 4, and we got one. So let’s see the good, bad and ugly of it.

A couple of weeks ago, Mophie was kind enough to send us a  juice pack air battery case for the iPhone 4. None of us ever owned any Mophie battery case, so we were excited about it, especially since we got a huge amount of emails from you guys asking us if you should get one or not.

The answer is yes, but only if you get one now, when it’s on sale and it cost $59 not $79. If I would’ve paid $80 + shipping for this case, I would’ve been pretty pissed. Why?

First of all, the entire case its made of plastic, which makes it look a bit cheap. We expected the sides to be made out of some sort of aluminum or some other sorts of metal, but no. However it does protect your iPhone.

It takes, literally, 3 hours and 47 minutes for the case to fully charge. And that will be ok, if it would take care of at least a full charging cycle of your iPhone. But not really. I always turned the case ON, when the iPhone had 20% battery left, and the case only manages to pump around 75% juice ( at most ). So, after the battery inside the case is fully drained my iPhone 4 was charged only 91-95% ( up from 20% ). And that was a huge disappointment.

Last, if you want to take your iPhone out of the case and you have a full body invisibleSHIELD applied… well… good luck with that. At one point, I was literally tempted to crack the case open, so I can take my iPhone out. Also, if you want to use some 3rd party headphones, while the case is on, you might want to check if the jack fits before you buy the headphones.

The case also makes your iPhone *bulky*, and takes all the sexy out of it. But that might be just me, because I pretty much don’t like or use cases. I have a few that I like, but don’t use them all the time.

But it’s not all bad with this case. Even though, it’s all made of plastic, it does feel really sturdy and it will definitely protect your iPhone. It also comes with a microUSB, which is a plus because of the new AppleTV ( you need a microUSB to connect your AppleTV to your computer and jailbreak it ) .

Even though it only pumps around 70% juice into your iPhone, it still can be a life saver if you are a heavy iPhone user on the go. Even though, right now I have 40% of battery juice, after 2 days in stand-by and 6some hours of usage.

Bottom line, if you think you need a battery case, act now, and buy Mophie’s juice pack air. I would suggest you don’t spend $80 on it. $60 is a much more decent price for what it really does.