Little Known MobileSubstrate Update Fixes ASLR Issues On iOS 4.3

Just a quick heads-up: Saurik has a MobileSubstrate update, which was not officially pushed in Cydia, that fixes ASLR issues on iOS 4.3. We don’t know if this update will fix ALL the issues and/or how buggy this update is, but our initial testing shows that this is what you need if you are on a jailbroken iOS 4.3 device.

All you need to do is, download this .deb file and install it on your iOS device. To install this .deb you can follow our ‘how to auto-install deb files‘ tutorial or use iFile ( install iFile from Cydia > visit this post from your iOS device and tap on the link > choose to open it in iFile > choose installer to install the deb > respring your iOS device. )

Later update:

iH8sn0w just made a video for us, showing that mobilesubstrate ‘totally works’. Thanks 🙂