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MobileRSS: iOS Google Reader App Comes To The Mac App Store

MobileRSS is a Google reader app for iOS devices that syncs your Google Reader account into an easy to follow format for your mobile device. And now, NibiruTech, has brought it to your Mac. But don’t think this is just a simple port of the iOS app to the Mac. Much more time has been put into it.

MobileRSS, now available in the Mac App store, is a full featured Google Reader client for your Mac, with the same simple and easy to use format you’ve gotten accustomed to with so many new Mac apps that are getting more “iOS” like.  It features both a grid view and a list view to make reading simple. And you can set it to download the entire content of a post, making it easier to read those excerpt feeds. Sharing and bookmarking is simple as well, with many choices like Twitter, Instapaper, E-Mail and more.

Open the app, log in with your Google credentials, and it automatically syncs your feeds.

MobileRSS for Mac is available on the Mac app store, MobileRSS for the sale price of $4.99 get it now before the price goes up.