myPhoneDesktop: Call, Send SMS, Open URL On Your Phone… All From Your Computer

MyPhoneDesktop has stepped up for review. Now, normally I would not use a format like this for a review post, but this time it just felt right. So here we go, time to get all Clint Eastwood on this guy…


The Good

This app does exactly what it claims, it allows you to control your iPhone (somewhat) from a computer. A pretty neat concept in principle. You are a hardworking business type with his little Bluetooth headset in his ear and his iPhone in his pocket. You need to make a call. A few clicks of the handy web app and your on your way… well thats the thought anyway. More on that in a min. It also allows you to send text to your phone for various things like navigation and such, or even one of those novel style text messages that would otherwise leave your thumbs cramped and aching. Additionally this app really does make it insanely easy to transfer large groups of pictures to your device from any computer, a neat feature that works very well.

The Bad

Oh where to begin… this app fails on sooo many levels. Which is a real shame as it has/had A LOT of potential. While I’m well aware that the majority of this apps shortcomings are a direct result of Apples heavy hand, other developers have found creative ways to skirt these issues and make really useful apps anyway. I find the “roll over and take it” approach to coding inexcusably lazy when dealing with a $5 app.

For starters, the calling feature, one of the features I was most interested in personally, only works if the app is active. In my testing, although the app appears to multitask, after opening the app and hitting the sleep button to pocket my phone, it will not make a call from the web app. So in essence to use this app your phone not only has to be out of your pocket, but on the desk and active! At which point the question is, why the hell don’t you just pick it up and call someone?

The texting portion of the app, as mentioned is nice in the event that if for some reason you have to text a book to someone. It is certainly helpful to get to use a full keyboard. That being said, I was disappointed that I couldn’t actually send the text without actually picking up the phone… kind of defeats the purpose in my mind.

The Ugly

Well the title says it all. Its UGLY. I’m not a fan of any of it. Everything from the website to the app itself are bland and show very little creativity. It may just be me, but for $5 I like to see some well implemented color, or at least some custom designed UI elements… something original. The entire app looks like it could be a settings pane! Bleh. Even the icon is boring. Its a standard squircle, split diagonally, with the top black and the bottom purple?!  While I’m not sure what this has do do with the app, aside from the fact that it is equally ugly, it is an outright eyesore on my springboard.



I really wanted to like this app… it had such promise. But unfortunately it fell short. You may feel that I was a bit harsh on it, because the things it does do, it does well. But for a FIVE FREAKING DOLLAR app, these shortcomings are unacceptable. I really can find little real utility for an app that claims to let me control my iphone from the computer, yet requires that it be awake with the app active to gain any real use. After the first 5 min, when the cool factor wears off… you are left with an unimaginative, overpriced, and over hyped piece of software.

I could be wrong though, give it a shot for yourself! its available at the app store  for 4.99 at this link