Announcement: iCarbons Week ! A Week of Reviews and Free Stuff !!!

Quite often when you work for a site like this, you are asked to review various things. Most of the time the first reaction is, “wow! another ‘random’ app” or you just sigh and hope that the app/product is at least half as good as the dev/company claims it is. This is pretty much the norm. Not in any way glamorous, but we do enjoy bringing you guys the best of the best ( and believe me, we leave A LOT of stuff on the cutting room floor). Every once in a while though, a company reaches out to you and makes you truly excited. This is one of those times.

Recently we ran a little review featuring the new iCarbons smart cover kit. It was pretty well received. In fact, it even garnered an email from the good folks at iCarbons just to say thanks. Always exciting to be sure, but the big news was yet to come. They were so enamored by our review that they have asked us to review practically their entire Apple related line!

This was pretty huge for us. Now for something HUGE for you!

For the next week, we will be reviewing various products from their catalog. Each day will be some new greatness. After the review has been posted, and you have read about the product, you will get a chance to win one of your very own*! That’s right! Free iCarbons swag just for reading! One of you will even get the chance to win an UNRELEASED PRODUCT (more on that later this week)!!!

Here is how to enter:

1) Follow US on twitter:  @FSMdotCOM, @duluenFSM, @vonswankoFSM, and of coarse our illustrious leader @murdaFSM

2) like our Facebook page

3) comment and tell us why you think you should win. Be creative, the best response wins.

All winners will be announced Friday after the final review!

I hope your as excited about this week as we are! Be sure to check in next week for our first prize laden review, the iCarbons iPhone 4 skin!