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Have i told you how much i love my iPhone? Well today i love it even more. While i was browsing through Cydia , i found this app called MewSeek which is basically a native version of SoulSeek P2P client for iPhone or iPod touch. MewSeek formerly known as iSlsk in 1.1.x ) is a native P2P SoulSeek client that lets you search and download music or any other files straight to your iPhone/iPhone 3G or iPod Touch using either EDGE, Wi-Fi or 3G connection


Oh c’mon you gotta love this. I know i love SoulSeek. Well at least on Windows i love it. On mac not so much (go figure) ( on mac its called SolarSeek ). Fortunately for me MewSeek has the feeling of the windws version of SLSK. It is a no brainer, especially if you used SoulSeek before. Basically just enter your username and password and start downloading baby. After you download all your files you will have to SSH into the phone and you will find all the downloaded files into ” /var/mobile/Media/Downloads ” . And that is it.

BY THE WAY : have you noticed that i mentioned Cydia above? That means that if you want to use MewSeek you will need a jailbreaked iPhone



PwnPlayer Beta 5 and MewSeek (the new iSlsk for 2.x firmware) are now available on Cydia.

A few remarks about these releases:

PwnPlayer is still on its early development stages and it might still not work as fast and stable than the stock player, but it is continuously being improved as you read this message.

– MewSeek is only was released only for experimental and testing purposes. I admit it is not quite stable yet and I also had to disable a few features temporarily until I find better ways to implement them (e.g. the “Downloads” screen, the ability to prevent Wi-Fi from disconnecting when locking the device, and a few others). However, the core and basic features are working as seen in iSlsk.

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