Mailbox: Next-Gen Email App For iOS [video]

Created by Orchestra, the company behind the popular to-do list app of the same name, Mailbox eschews most of the regular functions of an email client and replaces them with new swipe gestures. Swiping a message in your inbox to the right archives it; swiping to your left saves it for later, which means it schedules it to pop up back in your inbox at a later more opportune time; swiping to the right and holding it deletes the message, and swiping to the left and holding it brings up a menu where you move or relabel the message.

The other big feature Orchestra is touting is Mailbox’s speed. The team developed a way to compress IMAP messages in the cloud and reformat them for your iPhone. Anyone who has gone through the struggle of waiting for an important email to download before going about your day should get excited.

If you’re excited about Mailbox, you’ll have to wait until “the new year” when it hits the app store (for an unspecified price). In the meantime check out the promo video below…