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Limited Edition: Steve Jobs Tribute MacBook Pro

A year ago the world lost a force of nature in technology. Steve Jobs’ willpower, creative vision and business instincts disrupted no less than 9 different industries and inspired us all to try and achieve insanely great things.

In his honor the guys at Uncover, crafted three Retina MacBook Pros, based on the design by Hong Kong-based artist Jonathan Mak.

They’ve meticulously cut the silhouette of Jobs from the edges of the Apple logo and filled it up again with pre-milled plastic. And each has the beautiful but lesser known ” You can change things” quote by Steve Jobs laser-tattooed on the bottom, as a covert mantra for inspiration.

All proceeds from the auction will be split between the crowdfunding charity Get It Done and a new fund being set up for iPhone apps that add value to society.

For more info check out the official page…