GIVEAWAY: Incipio [OVRMLD] For iPhone 5

Here at FSM, we are pretty damn happy with the iPhone 5. However, one of the main decisions to make when obtaining a shiny new iPhone is which case you should grab, if any. One manufacturer most of us consider is Incipio…

The [OVRMLD] is made up of an effective combination of two different materials; a hard, yet flexible, matte plastic polycarbonate, and a soft, yet firm, silicone.
When using the case it feels ‘grippy’ but isn’t too intensive with it and remains soft to the touch, unlike most plastic cases which feel like a Samsung.

The case does add a little extra bulk but isn’t overbearing. The screen is protected by a raised edge and all ports and switches are easily accessible. The volume and power buttons are deliberately covered by firm silicone ‘replacements’ that form integral parts of the case.

The soft interior of the case grips the phone tightly, like a monkey on a tree. However, if you want to remove the case, be prepared for a battle.

This case is almost identical to the FAXION. The areas in which the similarities end are where the [OVERMLD] exceed.
Marks simply wipe away, it provides great all-round protection and I personally prefer the design of the [OVRMLD] more than its sibling, the FAXION. I was very happy with this case and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great all-rounder.

FSM Rating: 9/10


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