Jonathan Ive: Apple’s Head Designer Talking About Apple Products

Apple’s VP Industrial Design about the change of design and the new challenges they are faced with. First time to watch and hear details about the development of Apple’s product design

Does the design of a product, any product, influences your decision to buy it? Do you ever spend time on analyzing every detail of a product? Do you ever think about all the work behind industrial design? Most of the time you don’t , you just follow a trend. Recently I’ve downloaded ( later ordered from Amazon ) a movie called : Objectified. A feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them.

I’m crazy about this kind of documentaries. Don’t have to tell you that i watched Helvetica like 5-6 times and not because im necessarily a fan of the font. Anyway, Objectified is offering us a closer look at the individual design and personality behind the objects we use in our everyday lives.

Anyway, i don’t want to go on and on with this because it’s pointless and … oh yeah! it’s 7 AM. I only want you to see Jonathan Ive , Senior VP Industrial Design at Apple, talking about Apple products.

I also suggest ( it’s just a suggestion ) you buy the DVD. You can find Objectified , at Amazon for $16,99. Yes it’s an affiliate link, and yes you are going to love the movie.