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Google: Google Maps Navigation Coming To The iPhone, If Apple Approves…

In a previous article we told you about the attack of the droids. Google on Wednesday revealed a free online navigation service that will be a part of its forthcoming Android 2.0 mobile operating system. It could also come to the iPhone, the company said, if given the green light by Apple.

AppleInsider reports that Google said it would also like to support the iPhone with Maps Navigation:

“Apple is a close partner,” a Google spokesperson told AppleInsider Wednesday. “Millions of users experience Google Maps on the iPhone. We will continue to work with Apple to bring innovation, including Latitude and Navigation, to users but you’ll have to speak to Apple about availability.”

But if you remember Apple and Google had quite an iPhone-based dispute , when Apple didn’t approve Google Voice in the Appstore, action that lead to a U.S. Federal Communications Commission investigation which led to Eric Schmidt being forced to resign from Apple board of directors.

Despite the appearance of growing tension between the two technology giants, Schmidt recently insisted there is no bad blood between his company and Apple. “We love the iPhone,” he said.

What will happen? Most probably Apple will refuse Google’s Map Navigation. We will keep you updated. Stay tuned…