iTunes Lunches Official Fan Page on FaceBook and Gets 1 Million Fans

On Tuesday of last week, Apple launched its official iTunes Facebook Page, and fans have already interacted with the page around 1 million times.

The official iTunes page marks Apple’s second official public profile on Facebook, the first being the Apple Students page. The Apple Students page was launched a few years ago when Facebook was largely a college-centered platform (originally as a sponsored group, a concept now replaced by pages). The page naturally became the default Apple Facebook page that publishes a wide variety of content, including iTunes-related news. Now, however, iTunes stories will have their own home at the new iTunes page. The Apple Students page will continue to exist and be managed by the education team, with a relaunch due around August.

It’s been a little over a week since the iTunes page launched, and the response has been great. The page already has over 1 million fans – a combination of the fact that fans were merged from relevant existing unofficial pages and daily growth has been strong. According to PageData, in the past week, new fans per day has gone from numbers in the thousands to figures in the tens and almost hundreds of thousands. In the Technology Product/Service category, the iTunes page ranks #2 among official Facebook Pages after (can you guess?) Facebook.

But beyond these reach numbers, engagement metrics are looking solid too. The iTunes team at Apple shared with us that the first week saw almost 1 million page interactions with fans actively clicking on and posting to the page.

The most popular content is in the Featured tab, where fans can find features such as iTunes Top Charts, Search and Share, iTunes U, as well as exclusive offers, tutorials, and podcasts. With the Search and Share feature, fans can search for favorite songs, movies, shows, etc.  and share them on their Walls and the News Feed.

The iTunes Facebook Page is on the right track. So far the page is an excellent example of how brands can provide compelling features that excite fans enough to want to share content. At the same time, Apple is also getting good value out of the page by driving traffic to the iTunes Store and increasing its own bottom line. If iTunes’s first week on Facebook is telling of anything, this is a page to watch.

[via Inside FaceBook ]