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iPhone OS 3.0 Pictures Leaked By Hong Kong Based Site

With 9 days left till WWDC 09, a Hong Kong based site, just leaked some photos of the new iPhone OS 3.0. has posted what just might be the first pictures taken of the next generation iPhone… taking pictures. Highlights include the new auto-focus, both how it looks in action and the results of photos taken with it compared to the original iPhone 2G. The new digital compass, and a CPU log are also featured, along with some other new features we’ve already seen from 3.0 running on current iPhone 3G hardware.Are these for real? We’d guess all of this was merely surfaced in iPhone 3.0 on iPhone 3G… except the iPhone 3G doesn’t have a digital compass and it’s camera doesn’t auto-focus. So, either it’s a combo-ruse, or we have just seen the first images of the next generation iPhone in the wild.

The above shows the lower-right corner of the new iPhone can select shooting or shoot video with film, that is, photo and movie. At this time, when you mobile iPhone, the screen will appear in a blue box, it is the function of AF!

If a finger on the screen by clicking on different places, then the focus will move the box under the finger-point the location to re-focus!

At this time, I can not help but get a friend came up to me brand new iPhone inside the 2G iPhone to iPhone and third-generation of photographic competition:

The following are test results: (the above is the effect of AF; Department the following is my 2G iPhone photographic effects) The fact that AF is so clear, the Department of 2G is more than I do this: L

In addition, the new iPhone more than the built-in compass (compass) software, a glance by the [truck], very useful for hiking trails!

Of course, many also have the recording software, so the meeting minutes of the meeting most convenient to buy a gift when the Secretary of Miss ah!

The new iPhone’s OS 3.0 show that in addition to a detailed price information can also be cross-screen display it!

Finally, of course, to try to send MMS and Internet access, because the current version 2.2.1 is no MMS function!I immediately from my 3.5G USB finger only goes out unlimited HSDPA SIM card for testing!

Want to see on the page to download the picture, hold down the light so long as the picture, you can choose “SAVE IMAGE” to save or choose “COPY” to other programs for post-processing.

SEND MMS and is also very easy thing, and can also cross-screen typing, which is very convenient!

Finally, Finally, it is worth mentioning that this machine works with the iPhone will be sold a little bit different, that is, in many settings with a feature called the CPU Activity should be addressed to the engineering staff in the tests, as some information of Analysis!

Are all this rumors true? Maybe there are, but we wont know for sure untill WWDC 09 is over. 9 more days….