iPhone Lockscreen Theme: Katra’s Weather V3

This days everybody is crazy over LockInfo and Cydgets. Well Katra is back with a Lockscreen weather theme and its pretty sexy. Notice i said this is a theme and not a Cydget. Well , until Katra (maybe) will transform this theme into a Cydget, we can still enjoy it.

Enough previews , let’s see how to get this theme and install it. First you will need to install Lockscreen Clock Hide and 20 second Lock Screen from Cydia. Next download the theme from mediafire. Unpack the theme and you will get a folder called ” Katra’s Weather V3.theme “. Now the theme is set to show the weather forecast in Boston. If you dont live in Boston, you will need to change the location. To do this, you will need to edit a file called configureMe.js , which you will find in Katra’s Weather V3.theme > Private folder.

Now if you live in the US ( and maybe Canada ), all you need to do is to change Boston, Massachusetts to your city and state, or just enter your zip code. If you live in Europe or any other continent, you might want to change the weather service to Yahoo! weather and also you need to change a string, so you will get the temperature in Celsius not Fahrenheit. Also, if you change the weather service to Yahoo!, you will also need to insert your city code. If you don’t know how to find this code, you can get it here. In the picture below, you will see all the areas that you need to modify . If you live in the US, focus only on the first area. ( click on the pic to enlarge it )

After you modified the file, save it and upload the entire Katra’s Weather V3.theme folder to /Library/Themes/ . Now, just load Winterboard, and activate the new items. Enjoy