Apple Provides iTunes LP and iTunes Extras For Developers

When Apple introduced iTunes 9, they also introduced a couple of new features including iTunes LP and iTunes Extra. If you don’t know what they are, i believe you can take an educated guess based on the names, but let’s briefly explain them.

iTunes LP – The visual experience of the record album returns with iTunes LP. Download select albums and experience a beautifully designed, interactive world right in your iTunes library on a Mac or PC — many are created by the artists.

iTunes Extras – When you buy select movies from the iTunes Store, you won’t get just a movie. You’ll get iTunes Extras — a world of special features you can experience right in your iTunes library. Watch interviews and trailers, view photos, and more on your Mac or PC.

Today, Apple provides developers with a kit containing everything they need to know in order to create , well… art. “Automatic, electronic submission of your iTunes LP or Extra is scheduled for the first quarter of 2010. Until then, the submission process is manual and limited. Please contact your label or studio rep for details and consideration. An existing iTunes contract is required. Your iTunes LP or iTunes Extras will be reviewed by the iTunes team for appropriateness of content and for technical quality.

I wonder what will happen if this would be available for iPhone game developers as well. I can really see somebody like EA or Gameloft creating interactive games with stories that are involving footage in the iTunes extras. For example, you could play something like Gangstarr and everytime you complete a mission, you get a “secret code” which you can use in the iTunes Extra to unlock video footage, which will give you clues and what have you.

This is just an idea, but i think it would be bad ass, and this will take the iPhone and iPod Touch right where Apple wants it: in the game consoles market. And i think , this way it will crush the Nintendo DSi ( it kinda does already ) and the PSP. Apple has something here, and i am sure they are aware of its potential. But they won’t release nothing yet, because the top of the hill is still not populated. Apple , you can hear your own echo-cho-ho-o-o