iCallAccess: View Incoming Calls On Your Mac, Windows And Linux Machine

New day, new app in Cydia: iCallAccess. Actually iCallAccess is an extension for the iPhone , wich works with a java script app  to display any incoming calls on your Mac, Windows PC or Linux machine.

As soon as your iPhone rings, a pop-up is opened on your computer showing the callers name, phone number and also the picture. You can also hang up the call straight from your computer. To make it work , you need to install iCallAccess from Cydia and download a javascript file on your computer. iCallAccess needs no configuration and it works out of the box. In fact you don’t even get a SpringBoard icon for it. The java file is found on their official page where you will find more info as well.

The app is not free, it costs $3.99 and it will stop working after the first 15 minutes after installation. Gee, thanks! As you can see in the screenshot above, this is not much to look at and it won’t provide any satisfaction beside the fact that you see your incoming calls on your computer’s screen.