iPhone 3Gs vs iPhone 4: Nocturnal Fireworks Video

We’ve seen a side-by-side comparison between the iPhone 4 and HTC Evo ( here ) , iPhone 4 and Droid X ( here ) and iPhone 4 and Canon 7D ( here ) .  But nobody did an iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3Gs, and especially , nobody did a nocturnal test of the iPhone 4.

We’ll, here it is. A vid shot last year, and one shot on 4th of July this year. Luckily both vids are nocturnal and there’s fireworks in both ( and also, good thing I remembered about posting the 3Gs vid last year ). There is no doubt who the winner is, but it is nice to see the evolution of the iPhone camera with each upgrade.

Both vids after the jump…

iPhone 3Gs:

iPhone 4: