iPad Dj Concept

Yeah, yeah i know… pretty much everybody has something against the iPad. But give it around 6 months, and wait until it will be jailbroken and also wait to see what developers got planed for the iPad. For example, check this iPad DJ concept, take a second and think about it…

If you are interested at all in something like this, you know that a decent table top cd/dvd player costs around $1,500 ( if you want video support you can throw another thousand there ). And you need two of them, not to mention the mixer which is another $500 or even $1000. So to get a decent set you will need like 4-5k easily.

Now, the iPad has the screen real-estate and enough juice to replace the table tops – especially if you just starting you DJing career. You would be just fine with the $499 16 gigs wi-fi only version, and since you probably already own an iPhone or iTouch , this would cost you only $1000.

And by the way, for the table tops you would probably want to buy a case which is maybe $100, and for the iPads you would only need a couple of sleeves and any backpack you might have.

And least but not last, how shocking it would be if at your next gig you will show up with two iPads and an iPhone and rock the party?

[via Behance]