iPhone Is Now A Registered Trademark Of Apple Inc.

June 29th 2007 was the day that Steve Jobs introduced at MacWorld the iPhone. Three years later Apple has finally secured the trademark which covers the Apple graphic and brand name “iPhone” .

This comes after years of jostling and wrangling in the press that Cisco and Canadian firm Comwave owned the iPhone trademark and therefore Apple would never prevail.

The USPTO’s publication of Apple’s registration for “iPhone” noted in this report covers new ground. Firstly it covers three International Classes 9, 28 and 38 and associates the classic Apple graphic besides the brand “iPhone.” For clarification purposes, Apple’s brand name “iPhone” alone has been registered twice: a) In August 2009 under the sole International Class 38, and b) in January 2010 under the sole International Class 9. Interestingly, International Class 28 covers “playing electronic games.”

[via Patently Apple]