Rackspace’s iPhone Developer Talking About The iPad SDK

A few days ago we took a first look at the iPad Simulator and discovered that even though the iPad lacks a cam, the interface for one is implemented in the SDK. The iPad is a device which was way too anticipated , and because of all the rumors – the endless obnoxious ubiquitous rumors – everybody was pretty much disappointed when Steve Jobs unveiled his latest creation.

Of course, because of the uninspired name, it was associated with menstrual hygiene products and because haters lack creativity , the joke still persists today. Although most people expected a built-in blender and toaster are disappointed,  they fail to see that the true beauty and power of the iPad is not the devices itself, but what developers will do with it.

Mike Mayo is one of those developers. Mike is and iPhone and Android app developer for Rackspace and Slicehost and if you used If you use Rackspace’s Cloud or Rackspace’s Cloud Notes app on the iPhone you’ve used Mike Mayo’s code.

According to Mayo, the new iPad SDK is similar to the iPhone’s. The only difference is the new user interface features associated with the iPad because of the greater amount of screen real estate.

Many iPhone apps have a standard series of interfaces. After opening the app, you see a list of items. For example, after opening the Mail app, you see a list of e-mails. When you select one of the items, it opens a more detailed view, in this case an e-mail. However, in the new iPad SDK, there are UI components that are designed around combining the list and detailed views into one screen.

The most interestingly scary thing Mike said in this interview is:

I feel like it’s most likely a glimpse into what eventually will be MacOS 11 and in some ways that’s scary. If this becomes OS 11 and we have to go through Apple to publish any app—that’s really scary, but I do like the idea of regular people using a computer without having to think about file systems.

Currently, Mayo is working on revamping the Rackspace Cloud app to work on the iPad, making use of the device’s extended features and new user interface to build a more feature-rich application.