HOW TO: Install XBMC + Plugins On Your iPhone And iPad

Over the time we showed you a lot of cool XBMC plugins for the AppleTV 2 but, since most of you don’t own an AppleTV 2, today we’re showing you how to take advantage of the same plugins on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

NOTE: as an example we’re going to use our previous XBMC plugin: NaviX

1. To install XBMC on your iPhone and/or iPad follow our previous tutorial

2. Load Cydia and install iFile

3. Load MobileSafari and browse to ( or to our page if it says ‘ download this zip file ‘ ) . And tap on ‘ Latest

4. If you have apps like GoodReader, it will probably ask you to open the zip file with it. If that’s the case, choose ‘Open In..’ and select iFile

5. The .zip file will be downloaded and iFile will load. Upon load it will ask you what you want to do with the .zip file you just downloaded. You want to leave it as a .zip file so you will tap on ‘Cancel’ . By default the .zip file will be downloaded on /var/mobile/Documents/ . If you want you can move it somewhere else, but you need to know the exact path.

6. Load XBMC on your iPhone/iPad

7. Go to Settings > Addons > Install from zip file > Home Folder > Documents ( or wherever you saved the zip file ) > locate the .zip file and tap to install it.

8. Now back on the homapage of XBMC go to Programs > NaviX