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iH8sn0w: iREB 3.1 With iPhone 3Gs ShSh Grabber

Just a few hours ago, we told you that the guys from iH8sn0w will release today a new version of iREB and they also got a surprise for all iPhone 3Gs users. Despite all speculations, iH8sn0w said that it wont be a iPhone 3Gs 3.1 jailbreak.

The new version of iREB has been released to fix a couple of bugs that the previous version had , and it is still only compatible with Windows. The devs will have a OSX version ready soon.

The big surprise is that the tool allows iPhone 3Gs users to save their ECID certificate, so they will be able to downgrade in the future despite various blocks that Apple might implement in their system. You can download iREB 3.1 from the official site.