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iDongle: Hardware Hack To Solve Your Tethered Jailbreaking Issue

Back in January, GeoHot said he might build up a dongle for iDevices with a tethered jailbreak. Of course we haven’t hear about it since, but today we get the dongle from a new cat: Mribreakit.

A tethered jailbreak means that everytime you restart the iDevice you will have it back to stock, and you need to re-jailbreak it ( the device is still jailbroken, just won’t boot past the connect to iTunes screen). A tethered jailbreak applies to any iPhone 3Gs made after week 40 (2009). The week number is usually the 4th and 5th digit of the serial number. iPod Touch 2G whose serial number begins with “MC” are concerned or any iPod Touch 3G.

Using the dongle is a no-brainer. All you have to do is to connect the dongle when in recovery mode and the iTunes logo is displayed on your iDevice’s screen. For more info check out the official blog.