GeoHot: How Bad Do You Want A Boot Dongle?

If you rock one of the newer iDevices you probably know what a tethered jailbreak is. The tethered jailbreak is quite inconvenient since, every time you restart the device, you find yourself with an original iDevice! Cydia suddenly disappears and with it, all installed applications. The only way to re-take Cydia and third party applications is to re-run the Jailbreak. You need to be careful and try to avoid restarting and/ore rebooting the device.

The restriction imposed by uncle Steve, has no solution so far, and i doubt it will soon, since the new iPhone is coming out in the next couple of months. But Geohot decided he should “test the market” and know how bad do you want a “boot dongle”. This “dongle” is not a piece of software, but a piece of hardware that you can carry around with you , and be able to restart your iPhone properly without having a computer around.

You can check GeoHot’s poll here.