HOW TO: Use i4Siri To Install Siri On iPhone 3GS/4, iPad/iPad 2 And iPod Touch 3G/4G Without Proxies Or An iPhone 4S

About a month ago, we showed you how to use AssistantConnect, to install Siri on ‘older’ devices without proxies. AssistantConnect is a great hack that allows you to port Siri to ‘older’ devices and use it without a proxy server. The only problem is that you need an iPhone 4S, and use it to send tokens to the secondary device. And you need to do that everyday.

Today we’re going to show you how to bypass this inconvenience (for some) by using i4Siri. Even though i4Siri it’s still in beta and not as robust as AssistantConnect,  it’s still a great hack, and we suggest you give it a try.


  • no proxies
  • no iPhone 4S needed


  • still in beta
  • suuuuuuper slow

i4Siri currently supports: time, timer, notes, ‘smart’ siri, www search, dictation, phone calls, jokes, alarms, weather, where am I?, Reminders (not completely working), Wolfram Alpha, and Location Searches

i4Siri supports:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • iPod Touch 3G ( if you have headphones )
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iOS 5
  • iOS 5.0.1
  • iOS 5.1

We’ve tested i4Siri on an iPad 2, but the tutorial is exactly the same for all supported devices.

1. Load Cydia

1.1 If you want to install Siri on an iPad follow steps 2-3 . If you need to install Siri on an iPhone, just install Spire from ( it will take a while so make sure your screen won’t turn off and you’re on WiFi )

2. Add this source:

3. Now install ‘Spire for iPad’ from the source you’ve just added

4. Load Cydia

5. Add this source:

6. Now install ‘i4Siri’ from the source you’ve just added ( ‘i4Siri’ for the iPhone/iPod Touche and ‘i4Siri iPad Install’ for the iPad )

7. Load Settings app

8. Look-up ‘Spire’ under ‘Extensions’ and make sure the proxy server is set to

9. Look-up ‘i4Siri’ under ‘Extensions and tap on ‘Install Certificate’

10. Once you tap on ‘Install Certificate’, i4Siri will load a page in safari followed by a provisioning profile sent to your device. Install that provisioning profile.

11. That’s pretty much it. Trigger Siri and have fun.


You’ve probably notice that in the first screenshots ( the ones showing you the time and weather ), Siri feature a natural UI and when you trigger Siri, it looks something like this:

Let’s fix this:

1. Load Cydia

2. Go to idevicedaily’s repo and install Siri GUI Files for iPad

3. Enjoy