Hulu Planing To Get Their Content On The iPad With Or Without Flash

Lately, the lack of Flash support on iDevices is one of the most sensitive issues. If you are thinking just about webpages, and you are not visiting mostly bands and restaurants sites, you are good to go. But, Flash delivers 75% of the video on the Web and that is why people are visibly outraged.

But just because Flash is the web video standard , does not mean that is the best solution. It drains the battery, tons of malware, annoying ads, and all Mac users know how unstable Flash can be.

Lately, most major video outlets, including YouTube, adopted a new technology called HTML5 and developers found a way to display flash animations through javascript on the iPhone – they call it Flash Gordon.

Basically you don’t have to be a genius – especially in the last couple of years when technology and geekiness became part of the pop culture – to realize that technology is ever-changing and creates huge cultural shifts.

Hulu, a service that streams popular television shows to millions of users in the United States through their web browser for free is now in the process of trying to get their content on the iPad. But in order for Hulu to do that, they need to get rid of their Flash player which is not a really big deal because Hulu’s videos are already encoded in H.264, and they should run on the iPad without a problem.

The major problem for Hulu would be the ads , that they need to convert from Flash to an iPad ready format. Who knows? Maybe they will ditch the ads for good, and Hulu will be available on the iPad through paid subscriptions only…

[via TechCrunch]