HugeType for the iPhone

I just couldnt find my words for this post , so i decided to insert snippets of text from ncloud’s idea. Love the idea, creative and fun. My only disappointment is that i dont have that many friends , that own a iPhone or Touch to make a FSMdotCOM hugetype. Personally , like i said, i love the idea and i suggest you check it out. You got the link in the text below

hugeType is an experiment with found type on the iPhone. We invite you to tag and search letters from the community, and upload your creations.

Who doesn’t love Typography; we are big fans of it here. So for all you type nerds out there, we’ve got a little present.

It isn’t all Mario Kart and Ping Pong here at the nclud studio, we also make fun little iPhone web apps too when we can squeeze it in. In just a few hours, a little idea turned into a little web app for the iPhone; we are happy to introduce you all to hugeType: