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HowTo: Share iPhone Apps You Bought, On Multiple Devices

We got a lot of emails lately asking the same question: how can i share purchased iPhone Apps with my friends or family? Basically this is impossible, or at least Apple want you to think its not possible. If you bought this app, its yours and nobody else can have it… unless they buy it. Dont believe the hype …

First thing you need to do , is to buy the app of course ( yes buy, because if its cracked or its a free app, whats the point of this tutorial? this is for non-jailbroken devices ). Once the app is downloaded into your computer go to your Application tab in iTunes.

Look for the app you want to share, and drag-and-drop it on your desktop. Once you got it on your desktop, you will see it has a .ipa extension ( yes like the cracked apps ).

Once you got the .ipa file on your desktop, depending on the size, you can choose how you want to share it. You can email it, use a flash drive w/e. Now, your friend got the app , what does he/she needs to do with the .ipa file?

Well, he/she can either double click on it the app will load into iTunes, or drag-and-drop it in the applications windows in iTunes. Now here is the trick: in order for your friend to be able to sync that app and enjoy it you will need to authorize your friend’s computer with YOUR iTunes username and password.To do that , you will need to go to the iTunes menu bar > Store > Authorize Computer .

Now you will get a new window where you need to login with your iTunes username and password, and authorize that computer.

Once your friend’s computer is authorized, he/she can sync her iPhone/iTouch and enjoy that app.  That’s it, enjoy 😉