Tech21 iBand: Serious D3O Protection For iPhone and iTouch

When you think of an iPhone case, you think of protection for your precious device. But usually cases are made from rubber, lether and plastic , and they offer a little bit of protection, but when an extreme force will be applied to the device, the case can pretty much be just an anti-scratch safety measure.

Tech21 came up with the ultimate protection solution in the iBand case, a case that is made out of a substance called D3O. D3O is a non-Newtonian fluid that changes viscosity depending on the applied force. This enables it to be very malleable to the touch but especially tough against strong impacts.

To be honest i had no idea what D3O was by now, and when i first say it on the table in its raw format, i had only one thought in my mind: can i chew it?