HowTo: Install And Use roqyBluetooth. Connect iPhone/iTouch To An External GPS Receiver

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about roqyBluetooth, an application that allows iPhone and iPod Touch 2G to communicate with an external GPS receiver. Well thanks to Fabrizio, who sent us the beta version along side some info on how to install and use, everybody can have and test it..

What do you need:

  • roqyBluetooth .deb file
  • OpenSSH ( via Cydia )
  • MobileTerminal ( via Cydia )
  • SSH client – Cyberduck if you’re on a Mac and WinSCP if you’re on Windows

How To Install

Step 1

Download the .deb file, unpack it and via SSH copy the .deb file to /tmp

Step 2

Load MobileTerminal and type:

  • su root
  • alpine ( or if you changed your password, type your password )
  • dpkg -i /tmp/roqyBT-0.3.0-1.deb

Step 3

Close terminal by pressing the home button, and respring your device. After respring you will see roqyBT’s icon on your SpringBoard

How To Activate

Now here is a little bit tricky, thanks Fabrizio for the instructions:

  • load MobileTerminal, type roqyBluetooth and press enter
  • A text will come up on your screen telling you that your roqyBluetooth is not registered. In order to register it, you need to send an email to with the code you will find next to “Register your licence nbr”
  • Reply back from the developer shouldn’t take long, and you should go back to terminal and insert the code there to register.

How To Use

  • check if your external GPS receiver is turned on
  • load roqyBluetooth
  • tap BT on and wait until the button shows BT off
  • tap on Scan and wait for the app to find your receiver(s)
  • type the number according to your GPS device and hit connect