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HowTo: Put Your Synced Videos Back On Your iPhone Without iTunes, Jailbroken or Not! Mac and PC

This was all done on a Mac so some of the screenshots may differ from those of a PC, but its basically the same.

So, you synced your videos off of your iPhone 3G[S] and chose to erase them from the phone, thinking they would sync right back all easy and stuff. But Apple was’t thinking about that.You will need some way to get into your phones media folder. This can be accomplished a few different ways, depending on your situation.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, and you have openSSH installed, you can just connect using an FTP client. I like Cyberduck for Mac, and SmartFTP for windows….but hey what ever you’re already using.If you don’t know how to FTP into your iPhone check here.

For non-jailbroken iPhones (and jailbroken) you can also use something like DIskAid to browse your media folder.So how ever you do it is cool, not the point here, but if you have an easy way to connect to your iPhone, let us know in the comments.OK, we have that out of the way.

For this demonstration I am going to use DiskAid for Mac ’cause its quick and easy.

1. Open DiskAid and plug in your iPhone

2. At the bottom left corner, Click the drop down and choose Media Folder.

3. From the folders choose DCIM then 100Apple

That folder (100apple) is where all of your pics and movies are stored (the ones in your camera roll).

Now click Copy to device and navigate to where ever you have your synced videos saved( such as iPhoto or image capture).

Now don’t get the idea to add photos to this folder, because if you do, there will be no thumbnails to view. The iphone does that on its own and they are some where else. Guess how I know? Because I tried it. Didn’t work out so well.

There you go, put those cute little videos of bunnies and cute kittens with butterfly wings back where they were.

Now before everyone gets all in a fit and says you can sync those videos now with the 3.1 update, not everyone is willing to give up there 3.0 3G[S] phones just yet. Especially since 3.1 is buggy, breaks tethering, and there is no jailbreak or unlock in sight.

by ZekeFSM