HowTo: MMS Fix For T-Mobile USA

Right after the latest baseband was unlocked by hacker wonderboy Geohot, T-Mobile users in the US have had a serious issue with receiving and sometimes sending MMS (multi-media messages). There have been many rumors and supposed fixes..some have worked for some people but most have not.

Here is a fix that was found on a T-Mobile help page. I have personally used this fix so I know it works at least for a few people. Let us know if it does or doesn’t in the comments. And if it does, don’t forget to say thanks.All you need is a fix in Cydia, a reset and a reboot.

1. Open Cydia

2. Search for Legacy

3. Select TMobile US (the 1st option)

4. Once installed, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset network settings and reset your Network Settings.

5. Input Internet & MMS Settings.

  • Go to Settings> General>Network>Cellular data network> APN=
  • MMS: Go to MMS apn and type
  • MMSC is proxy is
  • MMS max Message size 614400

6. Select return and power cycle the phone
7. Test Internet
8. Test MMS. It should now work.