iDashboard: Brings Dashboard Widgets To Your iPhone/iTouch Homescreen.

iDashBoard brings the Mac style dashboard widgets to your jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch. It has customizable widgets, but is still in beta, and so far only the clock and calculator are working. It takes a little to set up, but not entirely difficult. You will need to download the iDashboard app here. And you will need to install Winterboard from Cydia. You will also need a way to SSH into your device. Instructions here for Windows and here for Mac.

Okay, you’ve downloaded and unzipped the app, installed Winterboard and SSH into your device. Now the fun. I’m doing this on a Mac, but the idea is the same on a PC.

Step 1: Navigate to /private/var/Stash/Applications.xxxxxx (x = combination of letters) the .xxxx is not always there. Put the app you downloaded in there (it’s named calculator, but it will change to after installed)

Step 2: Navigate to /private/var/Stash/Themes.xxxxxx and put the dashboard.theme in there.

Step 3: Change the permissions of all the files in the to 775

Step 4: Activate the Dashboard theme in Winterboard.

Step 5: After the respring, go to Settings -> General -> Home, and select the Dashboard option.

Step 6: Turn off iPod Controls.

Step 7: To activate your Dashboard, just double tap your home button and it will pop up.