📅 July 11, 2020     🕐 1 minute read

HOW TO: Customize macOS’ System Preferences

A quick way to customize and declutter macOS’ System Preferences

Here’s a quick tip for macOS users. If you’re using macOS’ System Prefernces often, you might find out that some of the preferences available are either not useful to your particulat care or, once set, you don’t need to mess with them anymore. But everytime you open System Preferences they’re in your way. Let’s see how to hide them.

1. Open System Preferences ( via Finder, Spotlight or assign a keyboard shortcut )

2. In the menubar, click on View > Customize

3. Now you can uncheck preferences to hide them.

3.1 To reverse the process, just repeat step 1 and 2 and on step 3 select the preferences you want to make visible.



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