HOW TO: Bypass Mailbox App’s Waiting Period


So you downloaded that crazy new mail app everyone is buzzing about, good for you! Unfortunately if your like the other 325,000 people waiting in line, all you get to see is the waiting list screen. Fear not dear reader, we at FSM have your back, and a slick little trick to get you to the front of that crazy long line.

Jump over the break to check out how to bypass mailbox’s waiting period…

You will need:

  • Mailbox app
  • A jailbroken device
  • iFile ( via Cydia )


NOTE: Hurry, we can’t guarantee this will work forever…

1. Load Mailbox and get a place in line

2. Load iFile

3. Browse to var/mobile/Applications/ and look through all the weird named folders until you find Mailbox. Once you found it go to Mailbox/Library/Preferences/com.orchestra.v2.plist


4. Tap on com.orchestra.v2.plist and open it with the Text Viewer


5. Scroll towards the end of the document and locate the following lines:



6. Tap on Edit ( upper left corner ) and change the last line from false to true. Save the file. Load Mailbox and enjoy.