Google Phone and Google Audio: Google’s Ingredients To An Apple Takeover

We get more and more rumors about Google entering in a direct competition with the iPhone and maybe even iTunes. Apparently, Google is developing a smartphone, and we are not talking about the Android OS here, but about the hardware.

Ohh, but don’t pass this story yet. Because of the relationship between Google and Apple, Google can really surprise us with a multi-touch phone. The rumors do not end there as TechCrunch has just unveiled the agreements between Google and major music companies to build a new international service called Google Audio, which could provide the ability to stream music and buy it in digital format with a simple download, just like iTunes.

Google also have a payment service similar to PayPal called GoogleCheckout, and you can use it with the same account that you use for Gmail and all the other Google services. This can facilitate payments in Google Audio and also lower the maintenance cost. That could mean less expensive digital merchandise for us. Whats out iTunes…