Google Goggles: Visual Search Only For Android Phones.Apple You Better Step Up Your Game

A couple of months back, Google released a free turn-by-turn navigation based on Google Maps, only for the Android phones and it kinda made iPhone users jealous because they waited so long for something like that, and when it came it was ridiculously priced. Now they release Goggles and , once again , they drive iPhone users insane.

I don’t know about you , but i feel that the appstore is getting dumber by the day. Everyday, you can read about yet another app rejection for we don’t know what reason, and we can read about yet another dumb iFart-ish app success. If you are like me, you didn’t get an iPhone because you want 100 twitter apps, 500 photography apps which can’t do nothing until Apple puts a real cam inside the iPhone, and dumb apps that farts , barfs and show you some hot chicks in bathing suits.

Well, while all those things are happening in our beloved appstore, Google is getting busy and brings some value to the android phones.Google Goggles brings online searches with that relies on the built-in camera.. So , basically, you take a picture (currently supported business cards, books, wine, art, landmarks and local businesses) , Goggles analyzes that picture and gets you regular Google search results . It also offers the option to delete the search history automatically. You think this is badass? Well, Google also managed to create an augmented reality app out of Goggles .

What is Apple take on all of this, i have no idea. I try everyday to understand some things, but this goes beyond me and i can’t really find a damn good reason, besides that somebody is being really stubborn here. Not blind, but stubborn. We can only hope, they will bring a major major update hardware-wise and os-wise. And also, maybe Apple and Google will be best friends again ( talking about Big Brother watching you ) would be a great idea.